A range of Online, In Person, Blended courses & support packages. 
- Any profit generated is reinvested into our communities and their activities - 

Practice AR, Circling & related activities in your own space

At the time of writing, in January 2022, we are embarking on development of our training offerings. 

Over this year, you can expect occasional new releases of some of our 1 to 3 minute 3D Immersive training films: there is an example above. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep abreast of films currently available for free. 

We offer a series of 5 online short Spring Forest Qi Gong sessions, recorded on verdant Corfu with body positions and movement demonstrated and explained. Most videos are between 7 and 8 minutes in length, with the middle session being just over 18 minutes long. They can be used as practice over a series of 5 or 6 days of around 10 minutes a day, or in sequence at once as a practice of just under 1 hour. This is yours for re-use as many times as you wish for £25.00, just send us an email to say you have made payment and we will send you a link to access the course via a YouTube playlist.

See an example of our premium immersive training content, above! If you want more, we sell an annual subscription package including exercises focused on somatic tracking, also sharing difficult things, plus revealing your experience and feeling into vulnerability. 10 immersive films are £19.50:  yours to view as many times as you wish in a calendar year for less than £2 per film! That's less than 4p each viewing if you practice every week, and even less if you practice more regularly! For even better value, purchase a three year or life subscription for £49 or £99 respectively. In order to make these financially accessible, using an inexpensive cardboard holder and mobile telephone rather than headset, you will need a registered YouTube account to gain access to the films.
Initial CLDP Training: First session

Facilitator Training and Community Support

Our forthcoming CLOP (Circling Leadership Online Programme) is a taught course, dates forthcoming are available to view in our Facebook events. You can purchase your spot here, via paypal or please contact us for other ways to pay. We are working on an easily accessible, massive open online version of this training at the time of writing to help with flexibility and access for you. Watch this space!

Access to the CLIP2 (Circling Leadership Intermediate Programme) is on an ongoing enrolment basis for those who have completed the CLOP or equivalent. This training is more intensive, focused and specific: it leads to an improved commendation and professional reference to facilitators. Contact us to enrol.

We offer marketing support packages that will support your community start up. These are targeted at communities that we have either started or endorsed.
  1. A basic package at £30 includes a logo based on our own and useful signage for in person events
  2. For £60 we will also include a bank of 30 great images you can use to supplement your own
  3. Our Full Support Package at £115 includes further images, customisable promotional materials: flyers, adverts, posters,  event description texts, newspaper adverts and advertorial example text, social media or email templates, Event FAQs
These are all supplied in electronic form to save you time and adapt according to your needs. Contact us to arrange payment and delivery of the package.

If you are not yet sure if facilitating is your next step but are considering it, our Circling or Authentic Relating - Facilitation Fundamentals (CAR-FFU) is probably for you! The course is currently available by donation via a pay what you can (pwyc) system: please contact us to find out how to dontate and get access to this automated online 4 - 6 hour course!